I wish I'd had this before I started my last two projects.

Marketing for Developers book by Justin Jackson for people making apps and software

You could be unstoppable

You can build things. Now it's time for your project to earn revenue.

Developers who understand marketing are unstoppable. Learn the principles behind building products that people want. Then, implement the strategies listed in the book for your pre-launch, launch, and build recurring revenue.

"Programming is black and white. Marketing is a world of gray."

Quit looking for that magical growth unicorn. You don't need to win the startup lottery. You can earn a good income from building and launching your own products.

The videos and book below will teach you everything you need to get started:

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This guide is packed with tactical advice.

Dear Justin,

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you.

I was surprised at how little bullshit there was in your book (when you buy a book with the word 'marketing' in the title you never know what to expect). Your book was helpful from beginning to end. I appreciate it.

So, I wanted to send you a note and say keep up with the good work.

Josh Pitzalis

Table of Contents

  • 1 Hello World
  • 7 Define Your Goal
  • 11 Build Something People Want
  • 11 How to succeed
  • 16 Finding your audience
  • 25 Research
  • 31 Target their pain
  • 39 The Lean Marketing Stack
  • 39 Overview
  • 46 Setting up Segment
  • 54 Using Google Webmaster Tools
  • 59 Using Google Analytics
  • 67 Using Mixpanel
  • 77 Before You Launch
  • 77 Two marketing channels to focus on
  • 81 How to write blog posts that get noticed
  • 87 How to build an email list
  • 92 Set a price
  • 97 Launching
  • 97 How to build a street team
  • 102 Your launch plan
  • 106 Your launch checklist
  • 109 After Your Launch
  • 109 How growth works
  • 115 Get more leads
  • 127 Guide your leads through the funnel
  • 138 Close the deal: ask for the sale
  • 146 Case Studies
  • 146 Tracy Osborn
  • 148 Nathan Kontny
  • 150 Sean Fioritto
  • 152 Garrett Dimon
  • 155 Closing Thoughts

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Build something people want. Learn the Lean Marketing Stack. Get the launch checklist. And, follow the launch tactics to get your first 100 customers.

Perfect for developers who:

  1. Are looking for an idea
  2. Just built their product, but haven't launched
  3. Just launched, but need traction.

The PDF is 160 pages. There is also an ePub, Mobi and web version. You will be emailed your username + password after purchase.

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Inteviews with Des Traynor (Intercom), Sacha Greif (Discover Meteor), Brian Casel (Audience Ops), Jarrod Drysdale (Tiny Designer), Marc-Andre Cournoyer (Coded Inc), Nir Eyal (Hooked), Tracy Osborn (Hello Web App), Nathan Barry (ConvertKit), Sean Fioritto (Sketching with CSS), Garrett Dimon (Sifter), Dan Norris (WPCurve), Brennan Dunn (Planscope)

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Inteviews with Tracy Osborn (Hello Web App), Nathan Barry (ConvertKit), Sean Fioritto (Sketching with CSS), Garrett Dimon (Sifter)

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Worksheets: Prospects Ranked by Priority (Excel), Audience Discovery (PDF).

Code sample: implementing Segment tracking in a simple HTML form.

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It's me! Justin Jackson.

Hi, I'm Justin Jackson.

I've been building things with computers since 1983. When I turned 12, I became the SysOp of a local BBS. In the 10th grade I sold my first product, and in 1993 I built my first website. Recently, I've been the host two podcasts: Product People and Build & Launch. Currently, I'm passionate about helping makers earn an income from the things they create.

I live in Vernon, BC with my wife and 4 kids. (Yes, I said 4). For fun, I ride bikes, snowboard, and drink fine beer (sometimes all at the same time).