How do you get traffic for your site?

Generally, to get sales for a product or service online, you’re going to need traffic to you site.

Visitors to your site could turn into leads who then (hopefully) turn into customers.

Here are my top 10 sources of traffic for this site:

Top 10 sources of traffic for website

One note: I only recently installed an SSL certificate on this site, which means a lot of my referrer data was lost to the (direct) / (none) category.

We can see the website actually gets a fair amount of search traffic.

Most of the visitors are from my blog, newsletter and Twitter: writing and publishing regularly is a great marketing channel. It’s the best way to earn the trust of your audience.

I did a deal with AppSumo that drove a lot of traffic (they have a huge list).

Likewise, my audience hangs out on sites like Product Hunt and Medium, which also drove traffic.

And finally, some fairly big email newsletters (Hacker Newsletter and SaaS Weekly) picked up my story, and sent it to their subscribers.

Here’s another way of looking at traffic by channels:

Which channels give the most traffic?

A lot of the Direct, Referral, and Social visits are from an audience I’ve built up over time: through my podcast, blogging, being active on Twitter, speaking, etc…

All of the above takes time, but for me, it’s proven to be the best way to market the site.

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