How is the course different than the book?

My most popular product ever, Marketing for Developers, has a brand new version.

It’s a major update to the old book + video packages.

How is the new Marketing for Developers course different than the book?

Here’s what you can expect from the new course:

1. You’ll get 23 tutorial videos

The beauty of the online course is I can easily add new tutorials. In fact, in the last few days, I’ve already added 5 new videos! ?

Enroll now, and you’ll get new videos like these:

  1. Use A/B tests to increase conversion
  2. Find out what your competitors are missing
  3. Improve your search rankings
  4. Create Facebook ads that convert
  5. How to price your product
  6. Grow your email list
  7. Your launch plan
  8. Amplification
  9. How to find good topics for blog posts
  10. Targeting customer pain
  11. Interviewing your customers
  12. Understanding customer motivation
  13. How to succeed in marketing

View all 23 of the videos here.

2. You’ll get 14 interviews (with more coming)

One of my students’ favorite features is these interviews with founders. Here is a sampling:

  1. Josh Pigford, Baremetrics
  2. Tracy Osborn, Hello Web App
  3. Des Traynor, Intercom
  4. Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt
  5. Alan Klement, JTBD
  6. Nathan Barry, ConvertKit

3. Interactive online workbooks

I’m using OfCourseBooks to enable you to:

  • Answer questions and take notes online
  • Share your answers with me, your instructor
  • Export the workbooks to PDFs (or save them online)
  • Have student <> teacher discussion (you can “raise your hand” and start a discussion with me)

I'm using OfCourseBooks for student interaction

4. You can track your progress

The worst part about the previous video tutorials is you couldn’t track your progress. You had no idea what lessons you’d finished, and where you were. Now, with the new course platform, you can see exactly where you are.

Track your progress in the online course

5. You get a $50 discount!

Act quick, and you get a nice discount:

Use this coupon →

You have to move fast: that coupon expires in less than 12 hours (10am Pacific, Tuesday, Oct 18, 2016).

Join now ?

(The course is regularly $295, and you get access for life)

If you have questions, email me here:

Justin Jackson

PS: when you buy now at this price, you’ll get all future updates free. The next time I do a launch for this course, the price will likely be going up to $395. Buy now and lock-in at the lower price.

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